The History of St. PeterÕs
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The Chapel
There was, though, already a little chapel at Aldborough Hatch. About 1728, Colonel Martin Bladen built Aldborough House, a large mansion fronting Oaks Lane. Attached to the mansion was a chapel which could have been of an earlier date and was possibly the meeting place of a Presbyterian congregation recorded at Aldborough Hatch in the second half of the 17th Century.


This wash drawing of Aldborough House and Chapel is in the
Guildhall Library, London, and is dated around 1800.

In 1746, the Colonel's wife, Frances, left £20 per year for the support of a clergyman to serve the chapel and the Communion Plate was given in 1771.

The House was demolished early in the 19th Century, but the chapel remained and served as a chapel of ease for the people of Aldborough Hatch, Little Heath and Padnall Corner right up to the time St. Peter's was built. It survives as an outbuilding on Amanda and Peter Schlotter's farm just to the south of the public foothpath from St. Peter's to Oaks Lane. Sadly, the west wall collapsed during the hurricane-force storms in October 1997. The London Borough of Redbridge as landlords have now leased the building and it is in the process of being converted into a private residence.

Frances Bladen's £20 per year, vastly reduced in real value over more than two Centuries,
is preserved in the benefice income and the Communion Plate dated 1771 is still kept at
St. Peter's.


The Chapel at Aldborough House from a water colour by A.B. Bamford (1857-1939). The House and Chapel were built in about 1728. The House was demolished early in the 19th Century. The west front of the Chapel was possibly built onto an earlier building to match the House. The east wall had to be rebuilt when the House was demolished.


The Chapel at Aldborough House in May 1988. The west wall blew down during the hurricane-force winds in October 1987. The Chapel had high-backed pews, a gallery, a tall pulpit and a covered pit just inside the door where lanterns could be left during services. Since this photograph was taken the west wall has been rebuilt and the building is now a private residence.

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